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Usually we separate project into 3 parts

1 part 

2 part 

3 part 

1 part of working process

1 part consist of

3d visualization of created realistic 3d model of the object with keeping real construction and unchanging part of design space, like windows, doors etc. This part is considered our design proposal and we are making changes based on feedback until our clients are fully satisfied. up to the parts

2 part of working process

2 part consist of

all drawings needed for construction works and making task for constructions budget estimation, also design project budget, different proposals for ready-made furniture and furniture made on purpose. up to the parts

3 part of working prosecc

3 part consist of

design supervision, with regular visiting of the object in different phases of works, also sometimes we did some extra works in this phase, as flowers picking and flowers arrangement, suggesting for dishware, accessories and etc. up to the parts

real project flow

designing phase

presentation 1.0

presentation 2.0

presentation 3.0

blueprints phase

design supervision phase

presentation 4.0

presentation 5.0

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